Opteron 6300 Dual Processor Servers AMD Opteron 6000 Series based Rack Servers

Perfect Virtualisation Servers our range of quad Opteron 6300 Series powered rackmont servers introduce 16-core x86 server processors with the highest core density for incredible scalability to handle demanding multi-threaded workloads such as cloud computing, virtualisation, HPC and business applications. Configurable with up to 512GB DDR3 RAM and 32 processing cores.


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SystemDrive InterfaceDrive BaysHDD SizeServer ProcessorCertificationsForm FactorFeaturesMax RAM Capacity
CyberServe GT24B8236 AMD 6000 Series Server
from: £1,158.88
Max RAM512GB
Cyberserve 1022G-URF Configure a Supermicro A+ Server 1022G-URF | AS-1022G-URF
from: £1,327.83
Max RAM512GB
Broadberry CyberServe 1122GG-TF Configure a Supermicro A+ Server 1122GG-TF | AS-1122GG-TF
from: £1,386.59
Max RAM512GB
TeslaServe Opteron 6000 Series
from: £1,516.92
Max RAM512GB

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Model Number Cores Core Speed AMD Turbo CORE Max Frequency L3 Cache TDP Maximum Memory Support Socket Type
Servers Configured with Opteron 6386 SE 16 2.8GHz 3.5GHz 16MB 140W DDR3-1866 MHz G34
Servers Configured with Opteron 6380 16 2.5GHz 3.4GHz 16MB 115W DDR3-1866 MHz G34
Servers Configured with Opteron 6378 16 2.4GHz 3.3GHz 16MB 115W DDR3-1866 MHz G34
Servers Configured with Opteron 6376 16 2.3GHz 3.2GHz 16MB 115W DDR3-1866 MHz G34
Servers Configured with Opteron 6348 12 2.8GHz 3.4GHz 16MB 115W DDR3-1866 MHz G34
Servers Configured with Opteron 6344 12 2.6GHz 3.2GHz 16MB 115W DDR3-1866 MHz G34
Servers Configured with Opteron 6328 8 3.2GHz 3.8GHz 16MB 115W DDR3-1866 MHz G34
Servers Configured with Opteron 6320 8 2.8GHz 3.3GHz 16MB 115W DDR3-1866 MHz G34
Servers Configured with Opteron 6308 4 3.5GHz N/A 16MB 115W DDR3-1866 MHz G34
Servers Configured with Opteron 6366 HE 16 1.8GHz 3.1GHz 16MB 85W DDR3-1600 MHz G34

Our range of CyberServe rack servers based on the Opteron 6300 series of processors gives you the performance you need at the price you want for today's demanding workloads.

Our Opteron 6300 based CyberServe servers deliver performance for the real world and value for real budgets that reduce TCO by allowing applications to run faster than previous generations whilst staying within the same power budget.

Feature Function End-User Benefit
Second generation of AMD's modular core architecture codenamed "Piledriver"
  • Higher performance and higher performance/watt than the previous generation
  • Same power bands and power saving features
  • Socket compatible
  • Low TCO with better performance1 and price/performance
  • Runs applications faster1 within the same power budget
  • Helps extend life of investment by leveraging current socket platforms
Cache and Core Count Up to 16 cores within the same package, 1MB of L2 cache per core (with up to 16MB of L2 cache per socket), and shared 16MB of L3 cache per socket. Helps improves performance and performance/watt for multi-threaded environments like virtualisation, database and web serving.
Higher DDR3 Frequencies Supports DDR3-1600 for typical memory configurations and DDR3-1866 for slightly loaded memory configurations. Helps improve system performance.
Quad Channel Memory Four DDR3 memory channels with max memory bandwidth of up to 51.2 GB/s @ DDR3-1600 with RDIMM, LRDIMM, LV RDIMM and UDIMM. Can increase performance, especially in memory-intensive workloads.
AMD Turbo CORE Technology Cores can boost performance by up to 300MHz simultaneously when headroom is available. Adds clock speed for improved performance.
AES Instructions Provides hardware acceleration for fast and secure data encryption and decryption. Helps improve application performance.
TDP Power Cap Thermal design power (TDP) can be set in one watt increments using the BIOS or APML to get the most processing power into a single rack. Offers more control over power settings and the flexibility to set power limits without capping CPU frequencies.
C6 Power State Core power gating reduces and increases voltage as needed. Helps reduce power costs during times of low usage.
Feature Function End-User Benefit
APML (Advanced Platform Management Link) Enables monitoring and controlling of system resources via a Remote Power Management Interface (RPMI) and Precision Thermal Monitor(in APML-enabled platforms). Remotely monitor and control power and cooling.
AMD CoolSpeed Technology Server automatically drops into lower power mode if processor's temperature exceeds safe operational limits. Platform providers can safely reduce system fan speeds to deliver greater platform efficiency. Helps protect processor from overheating.
C1E Reduces power to memory controller and HyperTransport technology links. Helps reduce power consumption.
LV-DDR3 Support Supports DDR3 at 1.25V in addition to 1.35V. Helps reduce power consumption.
LR-DIMM Support Enables extremely dense memory configurations. Helps reduce memory-bottleneck in memory intensive environments such as virtualisation.
Feature Function End-User Benefit
HyperTransport Technology Assist (HT Assist) Helps to increase coherent memory bandwidth and reduces latency in multi-node systems by reducing cache probe traffic between cores. Helps improve system efficiency and scalability.
HyperTransport 3.0 Technology (HT3) Provides superior system bandwidth between CPUs and I/O, increasing interconnect rate up to a maximum 6.4GT/s with HT3. Helps improve system balance and scalability.
Feature Function End-User Benefit
AMD Virtualisation (AMD-V) 2.0 Technology
  • Tagged TLB - Efficient switching between virtual machines for better application responsiveness
  • Rapid Virtualisation Indexing - Hardware-based virtual machine memory management
  • AMD-V Technology Extended Migration - Helps enable live migration of VMs between all available AMD Opteron processor generations
  • I/O Virtualisation - Enables direct device access by a virtual machine for increased integrity and security
  • Easy to deploy - Larger pool of resources enables greater VM consolidation
  • Easy to manage - Common architecture makes managing virtual pools easy
  • Easy to move - Extended migration delivers great flexibility for load balancing and disaster recovery

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