CyberServe FT48-B7055®

upto 4 x Full Size PCIE Slots for NVidia GPU and Xeon Phi Co Processors

  • 4 x Full Size PCIE (x16 Slots for NVidia GPU and Xeon Phi Co Processors
  • 8 x hot-swap 3.5" SATA/SAS Drives Bays (Optional SAS Controller)
  • 1 x GbE + (1) dedicated for IPMI
  • Onboard BMC w/ IPMI and iKVM support
  • 2 + 1 Redundant, high-efficiency 1,540W PSU w/ PFC, 80-PLUS Certified
  • Supports up to 8x SAS and SATA2 3.5 and 2.5" Hard Drives
  • Powered By 2 Intel Xeon E5 2600 Series Processors Processors
  • Supports up to 8 modules of DDR3 ECC Registered Memory
  • 2x PCI Express Expansion Slots
  • 2x 5.25" SATA Drive Bay
  • Configurable with up to 256GB Server Memory
 CyberServe XE5 2600 Datasheet

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Xeon E5 2600 Dual Processor superseded by Xeon E5 2600v4 Dual Processor Servers

Xeon E5 2600 Dual Processor Servers have been superseded by the new range of Xeon E5 2600v4 Dual Processor Servers. To view this new range please click below.

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CyberServe FT48-B7055 Specifications

3 Years Warranty as Standard

Buy with confidence knowing all Broadberry CyberServe rack servers are backed up by our 3 year warranty, with further warranty upgrade options available.

Trusted CyberServe Server Platform

The Broadberry range of CyberServe® rackmount are trusted as the server of choice for thousands of companies from SMBs to enterprise's across the globe.

Optional Hot-Swap Power Supply

The CyberServe FT48-B7055 is configurable with a hot-swap redundant power supply, meaning minimal down-time for mission critical applications.

Dual Xeon E5 2600 Processor

Designed for optimal performance, the dual-processor CyberServe FT48-B7055 supports the QPI (8.0GT/s) format Intel Xeon® processor E5-2600

Designed for Simulation & HPC

The Broadberry CyberServe XE5-4600® range has been built for the most demanding high performance computing, such as weather modelling, financial analysis and simulation

The CyberServe FT48-B7055 is a 4U rackmount server configurable with 2x Xeon E5 2600 Dual Processor series range of processors. Built using the latest enterprise-class server technology, the CyberServe FT48-B7055 has 8x 3.5, 2.5" SAS and SATA Hot-Swap Drives and is ideal for those requiring a combination of high performance and density with its 8x DDR3 ECC Registered memory banks providing up to 256GB of high-performance server memory. The CyberServe FT48-B7055 boasts Full Height/Length Expansion and Redundant Power Supply Option as just a few of its core features.

Perfect Enterprise-Class Servers the CyberServe rack mount range are based on dual Intel Xeon E5 2600 processors. Delivering the best combination of performance, built-in capabilities, and cost-effectiveness to make data centers more flexible and efficient. Servers are configurable with up to 1.5TB DDR3 RAM and 16 processing cores The added benefit of hot-swap hard drives means that the CyberServe FT48-B7055 can have any of its 8 hot-swap hard drives removed during maintenance whilst the system is running completely un-interrupted. This machine caters for full-height / full length PCI cards.

Redundant Power

The Broadberry CyberServe range of enterprise-class rack servers features high efficiency power supplies with leading features such as Titanium level efficiency, digital switching control, super quiet operation, redundancy, DC inputs, FCC class B certification, remote monitoring with PMBus, support for GPUs/graphics cards and Broadberry's signature server level quality and reliability; in a variety of form factors and capacities.

CyberServe power supplies are designed for enterprise level applications where high quality and reliability are critical, and where the highest power efficiencies are required to reduce TCO.

With strong experience in the server systems market, Broadberry are experienced in testing and validating these power supplies in all relevant enterprise environments under all necessary operating conditions, compiling long operating records for multiple applications.

Storage Technology

The CyberServe FT48-B7055 supports the latest Serial attached SAS storage technology with its running speed of 6Gbit/s. Another major advantage of SAS is the fact that unlike SATA, SAS is


bi-directional, allowing reading and writing simultaneously.

The CyberServe FT48-B7055 supports 8x 3.5, 2.5" desktop and enterprise-class SATA hard drives, which represents the best cost per GB ratio storage technology.

The added benefit of hot-swap hard drives means that the CyberServe FT48-B7055 can have any of its 8 hot-swap hard drives removed during maintenance whilst the system is running completely un-interrupted.

Configure for your Network

The CyberServe FT48-B7055’s ready to be deployed into your network environment with a wide-range of high-throughput connectivity options.

Configure the CyberServe FT48-B7055 to match your application I/O demands and network infrastructure with up to 2x .

Whether your application demands the highest networking throughput, or you’re looking for a more modest enterprise-grade networking option such as Gb/E, the CyberServe FT48-B7055 is totally customisable with a wide range of robust I/O connectivity options.

IPMI 2.0 & KVM over IP

Whereas most server manufacturers charge ongoing licence fees for IPMI, powerful, industry-standard server management is built in to the CyberServe FT48-B7055 at no extra cost.

Using the dedicated 3rd LAN port or on-board Gigabit Ethernet ports, you can take full control of the server as though you were standing in front of it through your web browser from anywhere in the world through a pre-defined IP address and password.

Check the health of the CyberServe FT48-B7055 components, fan speeds, temperatures, update firmware, check logs & set SMTP alerts for you pre-configure thresholds, and list the health of all your servers on one simple screen. 

The CyberServe FT48-B7055 IPMI feature also allows complete Keyboard Video and Mouse (KVM) control, and send CD/DVD Images over IP to install software & operating systems remotely.

Expand with PCI-Express Expansion

Configure the CyberServe FT48-B7055 with up to 2x . With a wide range of enterprise-class PCI-Express add-on options available, the CyberServe FT48-B7055 is a flexible platform for a wide-range of applications.

The added benefit of hot-swap hard drives means that the CyberServe FT48-B7055 can have any of its 8 hot-swap hard drives removed during maintenance whilst the system is running completely



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The Broadberry CyberServe XE5 range of rackmount server solutions based on dual Intel Xeon E5 2600® processors boast up to 2 processors per server, that's 16 cores with 40mb of cache. These enterprise-class servers are great for demanding processor and RAM intensive applications such as virtualisation environments.

The explosive growth of unstructured data puts new demands on network and storage infrastructure and challenges your ability to deliver services such as cloud computing. IT needs to respond rapidly to new and changing business demands, scale quickly and appropriately to fluctuating workloads, accommodate business expansions, and protect your data from cybercriminal - all while keeping costs down.

CyberServe XE5 2600 Servers are Ideal for:

Based on dual Intel Xeon E5 2600 processors and configurable with up to 1.5TB of RAM, Broadberry Cyberserve rack server solutions are ideal for these applications:

  • Analytics Server
  • Enterprise-Class Server
  • Virtualisation Server
  • Cloud-Delivery Server

High-Performance, Enterprise-Class Supercomputing GPU-Accelerated for Finance, Oil & Gas, Science, and Engineering

Broadberry extends its technology lead in the GPU computing market using Supermicro's innovative GPU server architecture.

Supporting the latest nVidia Tesla, GTX and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, Broadberry GPU servers are configurable with up-to 8 GPU cards, with server options ranging from 1U rack servers to 4U / tower server options.

Boasting up to 768GB of EEC-Registered, DDR4 2133MHz memory, Broadberry's range of GPU servers are powered by the latest Intel Xeon E5 2600 v3 range of processors and include both 2.5" and 3.5" SATA/SAS storage options as well as high-efficiency redundant Platinum Level power supplies, dual Gigabit Ethernet or 10GbE LAN, and onboard BMC supporting IPMI 2.0 with media / KVM over dedicated LAN for smart server management.


  • Maximum Bandwidth: PCI-E 3.0 x16 for best I/O performance
  • Manageability: Server management & GPU status monitoring through IPMI 2.0
  • Reliability: Redundant power supplies & intelligent cooling control
  • Efficiency: Breakthrough system architecture to optimise TCO, with Platinum Level power supplies, advanced cooling, and high-end motherboard components

Features Tesla K80 Tesla K40 Titan X
GPU 2x Kepler GK210 1 Kepler GK110B 1x Maxwell
Peak double precision floating point performance 2.91 Tflops (GPU Boost Clocks) 1.87 Tflops (Base Clocks) 1.66 Tflops (GPU Boost Clocks) 1.43 Tflops (Base Clocks) 0.192 Tflops
Peak single precision floating point performance 8.74 Tflops (GPU Boost Clocks) 5.6 Tflops (Base Clocks) 5 Tflops (GPU Boost Clocks) 4.29 Tflops (Base Clocks) 6.2 Tflops
Memory bandwidth (ECC off) 480 GB/sec (240 GB/sec per GPU) 288 GB/sec 288.4 GB/sec
Memory size (GDDR5) 24 GB (12GB per GPU) 12 GB 12 GB
CUDA cores 4992 ( 2496 per GPU) 2880 3072

Although designed for use as a graphics card, the GeForce GTX Titan X card is reguarly used by many price-savvy customers as a GPU accelerator.

Boasting around the same amount of CUDA cores as Tesla cards, Titan X cards have more CUDA cores than the K40, the same amount of RAM, a higher clock speed and 2 DMA engines for bi-directional data copying - all for around 1/4 of the price of a Tesla K40.

GeForce Titan X Cards:
  • 3072 Cores
  • 12GB Ram
  • 336GB/s, 384-bit bus
  • Boost Clock: 1075MHz
  • Core Clock 1000MHz
  • 7GHz DDR5
  • 6.2 TFLOPS SP
What won't a Titan-X card do as well as a Tesla?
  • Poor double-precision performance
  • Produced by 3rd Party Companies - not nVidia
  • No ECC Memory Error Protection

Broadberry GPU Servers harness the processing power of nVidia Tesla graphics processing units for millions of applications such as image and video processing, computational biology and chemistry, fluid dynamics simulation, CT image reconstruction, seismic analysis, ray tracing, and much more.

As computing evolves, and processing moves from the CPU to co-processing between the CPU and GPU's NVIDIA invented the CUDA parallel computing architecture to harness the performance benefits.

Speak to Broadberry GPU computing experts to find out more.

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