Windows Petabyte Rack

Windows Storage Server 2016 Petabyte Rack, 3.6 PetaBytes of RAW Storage under a single name space or volume.

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   Select 2 Header Nodes for Failover.

2x Petabyte Rack Header Node

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   Configure the JBOD Storage Appliances in your Petabyte Rack

Broadberry 4U 60 Bay PetaRack JBOD

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The Petabyte Rack will go up to 3.6PB in 44U of rackspace.

Add more storage by Re-Configuring the JBODs or changing the Quantity of them in the solution.

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Every aspect of the Broadberry Petabyte Rack has been carefully crafted to ensure easy maintenance, maximum performance, and the enterprise-class reliability Broadberry storage solutions have become renowned for.


Mounted on high quality ball bearing slider rails, the Broadberry CyberStore QM4600H JBODs can be eaily accessed for maintenance, as can it's 60 hot-swappable enterprise class hard drives.


Configurable with Enterprise-class SAS hard drives, Fibre-channel connectivity, SSD Caching/Teiring and Dual head nodes, the Petabyte Rack provides the ultra-high performance your organisation needs.


Dual 1,400W (80plus platinum) Redundant Power Supplies, ZFS based operating systems and the highest quality components mean you can rely on the Petabyte Rack for mission critical applications.

Twice the Denisty of other PB Solutions
Less than Half the Cost of other PB Solutions
The Same Advanced Enterprise Storage Features

The Broadberry Petabyte Rack can be optimised for a wide variety of enterprise-grade storage requirements, from cold storage / archiving to high performance hot storage.

Config Option Performance Reliability Storage/Pound
1 Header Node
2 Header Nodes
SATA Drives
SAS Drives
Fibre Channel
Cold Storage / Archiving
Config. 1
  • Single Header node
  • SATA Low Power Cold Storage Drives
  • Open-E JovianDSS
  • 10GbE Connectivity
  • Maximum Capacity / Price per TB
Hot Storage
Config. 2
  • Dual Header nodes
  • SAS2 Hard Drives with SSD Caching
  • NexentaStor
  • Fibre Channel Connectivity
  • Maximum Performance

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3 Years Warranty as Standard

Buy with confidence knowing the Broadberry Petabyte Rack is backed up by our 3 year warranty, with further warranty upgrade options available.

Up to Quad Xeon Processors

Configure your Petabyte Rack header nodes with 2 or 4 Intel Xeon E5 processors per node depending on your application.

Daisy Chain CyberStore Appliances

Increase the storage capacity of your Petabyte Rack by daisy-chaining additional CyberStore JBOD units, for virtually unlimited storage

With IPMI Remote Management

The Broadberry Petabyte Rack boasts built-in iPMI functionality, enabling complete control and management of your server through IP.

Built with Leading Brand Components

All components in the Broadberry Petabyte Rack Range are sourced from leading manufacturers who take reliability as seriously as we do.

Built in Thin Provisioning

Expand your storage pools online as and when you need to with the Petabyte Racks built in Thin Provisioning feature.

Hardware SSD Caching

The Petabyte Rack includes a hardware-based SSD Caching option, allowing you to cache your most used data on super fast SSD's via a RAID controller.

High Availability over 2 nodes

The Petabyte Rack will recognise hardware/software failure and immediately restart the application on another system without requiring intervention or downtime.

Windows Familiar Interface

Built on Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, the CyberStore WSS range uses the same familiar Windows interface you're used to.

Built in Data Deduplication

Reduce storage footprint by up to 70% with the CyberStore WSS' deduplication feature , removing duplicates in sets of data and referencing to a single file instead.

Deduplication on Running VMs

The CyberStore WSS range can deduplicate virtual machines, greatly increasing the overall effectiveness of deduplication for VDI implementation.

Workplace Join

Workplace Join allows certificate-based authentication and single sign-on to applications and data for personal devices like iPads.

Hardware SSD Caching

The CyberStore WSS range includes a hardware-based SSD Caching option, allowing you to cache your most used data on super fast SSD's via a RAID controller.

Software Storage Teiring

Dynamically move chunks of your most used data between HDDs and super fast SSDs through Windows Storage Server for an alternative to hardware based SSD caching.

Built in File Replication Service

Windows Storage Server Work Folders works very similar to Dropbox. Install this role on your CyberStore WSS and get a fully functional secure file replication service.

Parallel Rebuild Failed Storage

If you've ever had a disk fail in a RAID array you'll know the rebuild time can take ages, espeically with large disks. WSS 2012 greatly reduces this to less than 1 hour for a 3TB disk.