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Our Multi-Award winning 12Gb/s range of Storage Servers are perfect for any business that requires Scalable Enterprise Storage

Our Storage Servers have powered the world's largest organisations for over 24 years, ranging from the top 10 universities in England, to NASA and CERN.

With 2.5" and 3.5" drive options in desktop and enterprise classes, the Broadberry storage servers range is a highly customisable and flexible unified storage platform for small business and enterprise.

CyberStore 212S 12GB/s Storage Server

2U, 12 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
3.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
12 Drive Bays
Storage Capacity:
Stores up to120TB
from: £2,685.51
CyberStore 316S 12GB/s Storage Server

3U, 16 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
3.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
16 Drive Bays
Storage Capacity:
Stores up to160TB
from: £2,882.23
CyberStore 224S 12GB/s Storage Server

2U, 24 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
2.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
24 Drive Bays
Storage Capacity:
Stores up to96TB
from: £2,891.37
CyberStore 424S 12GB/s Storage Server

4U, 24 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
3.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
24 Drive Bays
Storage Capacity:
Stores up to240TB
from: £3,530.30
CyberStore 436S 12GB/s Storage Server

Large Capacity 4U, 36 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
3.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
36 Drive Bays
Storage Capacity:
Stores up to360TB
from: £3,591.90
CyberStore 472S 12GB/s Storage Server

Ultra High-Density 4U, 72 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
2.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
72 Drive Bays
Storage Capacity:
Stores up to288TB
from: £4,282.75

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The Broadberry CyberStore ® range of iSCSI SAN / NAS storage appliances include 1U-4U server offerings boasting up to 288TB of raw storage capacity in a single storage unit.

Built on the latest 12Gb/s technology and configurable with a large range of desktop and enterprise-class hard drives, the Broadberry CyberStore can be configured to suit a large range of storage applications from small business to enterprise.

CyberStore iSCSI SAN/NAS Appliances:

Our Multi-Award winning CyberStore range of unified iSCSI SAN storage are perfect for small business to enterprise-grade storage requirements.

  • Cost-Effective Enterprise Storage
  • SATA / 12GB SAS
  • Desktop & Enterprise Hard Drives
  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability

The Broadberry CyberStore ® range is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and iSCSI SAN range of storage appliances ranging from 1U to 4U with a storage capacity of upto 288TB in a single appliance.

Based on ultra-reliable hardware from leading component manufacturers, CyberStore® storage servers are ideal for unified storage and with a massive selection of customisation options available, this flexible solution can be configured for almost any and every storage application from a first small business storage server to high availability enterprise-class storage appliances with built-in failover.

Since 2012 the CyberStore® range has consistently beaten Fortune-100 server OEM's as the best storage appliance available year-after-year.

What people have said about the CyberStore WSS® Range

The CyberStore was no slouch in our real-world tests, either. Copies of a 2.52GB video clip over Gigabit returned fast read and write speeds of 109MB/sec, and backup operations were just as speedy: our 22.4GB mix of 10,500 small files copied to the appliance at an average of 94MB/sec a new record for this test.

Dave Mitchell | PC Pro Review 13 Feb 2014  |  

Broadberry's CyberStore 424S combines Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 with a heap of SSD-accelerated storage for a very affordable price.

Dave Mitchell | PC Pro Review 13 Feb 2014  |  

The first Windows Storage Server 2012 appliance to market offers good value, great performance and massive expansion potential

Dave Mitchell | PC Pro Review 20 Feb 2013  |  

The CyberStore 316S WSS shows off Microsoft's Windows Storage Server 2012 perfectly. It brings together a substantial hardware package with room to expand, offers plenty of storage features, and tops it off with strong performance and exceptional data reduction ratios.

Dave Mitchell | PC Pro Review 20 Feb 2013  |  

The CyberStore range of enterprise-grade storage servers allow total customisation of everything from processing technology to storage.

Chose the best storage technology for your application, whether that be SSD drives for ultra-fast reads of hot data, or desktop-class SATA drives for non critical, high-value budget storage.

12Gb/s SAS3

Break through the current storage bottleneck between host system and storage media with 12Gb/s SAS, designed and built to provide the connectivity, scalability and performance enterprise need.

12Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology enables a new performance, class of storage tiering that spans servers with solid state drives to hyperscale datacenter scale-out architectures. The interface doubles the data transfer rate of 6Gb/s SAS solutions, allowing SAS infrastructures to deliver bandwidth that exceeds that of PCI Express® 3.0 with a single host bus adapter (HBA).

SATA Drives

Configure your CyberStore storage appliance with SATA hard drives for cold data where high IOPS are not as important as storage density/cost.

12Gb/s SAS Drives

Much less likely to encounter read errors than SATA and bi-directional, configure your CyberStore storage server with a large range of SAS drive options for better performance.

SSD Drives

For the ultimate read/write performance, the CyberStore range can be configured with a large range of SATA or SAS solid state drives.

CyberStore Performance storage servers are used by everyone, from small businesses to the largest organisations in the world.

  • IP Surveillance
  • ISPs & Cloud Hosting
  • Education Sector
  • TV / Media Industry
  • Small Business Complacency Storage

The uses of the CyberStore range are almost infinite, from the BBC archiving the programmes we grew up watching, to CERN using them to store big data collected researching how our universe was created.

In today's world, storage appliances are used in almost every aspect of our lives across all market sectors and industries. The flexibility and configurability of Broadberry CyberStore storage servers make them very popular in a wide range of markets.

The education sector is a very popular user of CyberStore appliances due to it's competitive pricing compared to Dell and HP and data deduplication feature that compresses data by up to 70%. We supply our storage solutions to all 10 out of the top 10 universities in the UK including Oxford and Cambridge as well as many colleges and schools.

Another big market for the CyberStore WSS range is IP Surveillance, with storage requirement rapidly growing as HD cameras become the norm, the CyberStore WSS' renowned reliability, fast performance and high availability make it the perfect solution to store this data securely and cost-effectively.

3 Years Warranty as Standard

Buy with confidence knowing all Broadberry CyberServe rack servers are backed up by our 3 year warranty, with further warranty upgrade options available.

Up to Dual Xeon Processors

Designed for optimal performance, the CyberStore WSS range can be configured with a single Xeon E3 processor or on larger units up to 2x Xeon E5 processors.

Daisy Chain CyberStore Appliances

Increase the storage capacity of your CyberStore storage appliance by daisy-chaining additional CyberStore JBOD units, giving up to 1 Petabyte of storage.

With IPMI Remote Management

All Broadberry CyberStore WSS appliances have built-in iPMI functionality, enabling complete control and management of your server through IP.

Built with Leading Brand Components

All components in the Broadberry CyberStore WSS range are sourced from leading manufacturers who take reliability as seriously as we do.

Built in Thin Provisioning

Expand your storage pools online as and when you need to with the CyberStore WSS' built in Thin Provisioning feature.

Windows Familiar Interface

Built on Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, the CyberStore WSS range uses the same familiar Windows interface you're used to.

12Gb/s SAS3 Storage

Built from the ground up around 12Gb/s SAS storage technology, the CyberStore Performance range raises performance and lowers TCO.

Deduplication on Running VMs

The CyberStore WSS range can deduplicate virtual machines, greatly increasing the overall effectiveness of deduplication for VDI implementation.

Workplace Join

Workplace Join allows certificate-based authentication and single sign-on to applications and data for personal devices like iPads.

Hardware SSD Caching

The CyberStore WSS range includes a hardware-based SSD Caching option, allowing you to cache your most used data on super fast SSD's via a RAID controller.

Software Storage Teiring

Dynamically move chunks of your most used data between HDDs and super fast SSDs through Windows Storage Server for an alternative to hardware based SSD caching.

Built in File Replication Service

Windows Storage Server Work Folders works very similar to Dropbox. Install this role on your CyberStore WSS and get a fully functional secure file replication service.

Parallel Rebuild Failed Storage

If you've ever had a disk fail in a RAID array you'll know the rebuild time can take ages, espeically with large disks. WSS 2012 greatly reduces this to less than 1 hour for a 3TB disk.

Network Adaptor Teaming

The CyberStore WSS range can be configured with up to 16 network adaptors for impressive network performance and availability.

Built in Data Deduplication

Reduce storage footprint by up to 70% with the CyberStore WSS' deduplication feature , removing duplicates in sets of data and referencing to a single file instead.

Our Rigorous Testing

Before leaving our UK workshop, all Broadberry server and storage solutions undergo a rigorous 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high-quality industry leading components we use ensure all of our server and storage solutions meet the strictest quality guidelines demanded from us.

Un-Equaled Flexibility

Our main objective is to offer great value, high-quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer un-equaled flexibility in designing custom server and storage solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Trusted by the World's Biggest Brands

We have established ourselves as one of the biggest storage providers in the UK, and since 1989 supplied our server and storage solutions to the world's biggest brands. Our customers include: