Storage server with PC PRO award.

Storage Servers

Configure From £500

Multi award-winning, enterprise-grade storage solutions used by the world's top organisations.

As-well as thousands of SMBs for everything from backup and replication to high-availability storage.

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Rackmount server with PC PRO and IT PRO award.

Rackmount Servers

Configure From £550

Year-after-year voted the best servers available by the most influential IT brand in the UK.

Our CyberServe range of servers are used by all of the UK's top universities and thousands of SMBs.

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Workstation with PC PRO award.


Configure From £342

Ultra high performance workstations built for the most demanding applications.

Our CyberStation range boasts everything from silent workstations to GPU supercomputers.

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Multi-Award Winning Servers, Storage & Workstations

Powering the world's largest organisations for over 36 years, ranging from the top 10 universities in England, to NASA and CERN.

Established in 1989 Broadberry Data Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-end custom rackmount servers, storage servers and high performance workstations.

Setting the standard for quality, reliability, and performance, Broadberry Data Systems provides the high-end computer user with the superiority and the dependability needed along with an affordable price. Every system is custom configured and built to order, ensuring customers only get the most up to date systems. Our goal is to develop and deliver the highest quality, proven, reliable and cost effective solutions to our customers through continuous product development and system design.


The gold standard for AI infrastructure.

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From Just: £7,955 per month or £298,665
8x NVIDIA H100 GPUs With 640 Gigabytes GPU Memory
18x NVIDIA® NVLink® connections per GPU, 900 gigabytes per second of bidirectional GPU-to-GPU bandwidth
4x NVIDIA NVSwitches
7.2 terabytes per second of bidirectional GPU-to-GPU bandwidth, 1.5X more than previous generation
10x NVIDIA ConnectX-7 400 Gigabits-Per-Second Network Interface
1 terabyte per second of peak bidirectional network bandwidth
112 cores total, and 2TB System Memory
Dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8480C processors, Powerful CPUs for the most intensive AI jobs
30 Terabytes NVMe SSD
High speed storage for maximum performance

Award Winning Servers and Storage

Year-after-year, Broadberry servers and storage solutions have consistently beaten the likes of Dell® and HP® as the best solutions available by the most influential IT brand in the UK.

PC Pro Best Server Award, IT Pro Product of the Year Award

Supplying all of the Top 20 Universities in the UK

Broadberry supply all of the top 20 universities the UK with server and storage solutions such as our specialist super-computing GPU servers and high-end workstation.

UK University

CyberServe Atom-104i

Short-Depth 1U Atom Server Appliance with 4 drive bays, 1x PCIe Slot

Configure From£597.15


CyberServe Atom 104F

Short-Depth 1U Atom Server Appliance with Front I/O Ports, 1x PCIe Slot

Configure From£603.63


CyberServe Xeon E-104S

1U Rackmount Servers, Intel Xeon E 2300 Series, Single Processor, 4x Hot Swap Drive Bays

Configure From£1,385.63


CyberServe Xeon E-100S

Very Short Depth 1U Server, Intel Xeon E 2300 Series, Single Processor, 2x Internal Hard Drives

Configure From£906.84


CyberServe Xeon SP2-ESC8000 G4 GPU Server

8x PCIE x16, Redundant 2400W Power, Dual Gigabit

Configure From£8,573.13


CyberServe Xeon SP2-1029GQ-TNRT GPU Server

Ultra High-Density GPU Computing 1U Supercomputer, 4x Tesla or GTX-Titan GPU Cards - 20,000 CUDA Cores

Configure From£4,291.06


CyberStore 224N 24x NVMe All Flash Storage Array

High-Density 2U, 24x NVMe All Flash Storage Array, High IOPS

Configure From£5,562.92


CyberStore 212S 12GB/s Storage Server

2U, 12 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Configure From£3,451.72


CyberStore 436S 12GB/s Storage Server

Large Capacity 4U, 36 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Configure From£5,138.53


CyberStore 124E1.S - 24x E1.S Hot-swap NVMe (9.5mm or 15mm) drive slots - All-Flash Storage Array

High-Density 1U, 24x Next Generation Small Form Factor Server - Great for Scale-out, Scale-up, Database, Real-time analytics, Deep Learning, Content Distribution Network, etc.

Configure From£7,434.35


CyberStore 248N 48x NVMe All Flash Storage Array

High-Density, High IOPS Performance 2U, 48x 2.5" NVMe All Flash Storage Array

Configure From£7,354.76


CyberStore 316S 12GB/s Storage Server

3U, 16 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Configure From£4,187.04


Why Buy Broadberry

Leading Security

We take security seriously. Broadberry servers offer the latest technologies including TPM, self-encryption and military-grade FIPS certification.

Best Price Guarantee

Broadberry offer a Best Price Guarantee on all server and storage solutions. You won't find the same spec cheaper anywhere else.

Ease of Management

Feature-rich IPMI with out of band management and redfish API to allow easy management and monitoring of your Broadberry systems.

Customer Service

Unlike other leading manufacturers, Broadberry assign all customers a dedicated account manager with direct access. There’s no call centers!

Trouble-Free Integration

Our trained engineers will pre-configure your server to your requirements, and are here to help over the phone when your server arrives.

3-Year Warranty

All Broadberry solutions come with a comprehensive 3-5 year warranty, with a range of upgraded warranty options available.

Easy Installation

From clip-in slide rails to pre-configured RAID and pre-installed OS, our engineers ensure installation fast and simple!


Our open-platform approach offers high compatibility with your existing infrastructure and no vendor-lockin.


Every business is different. Configure every element of your solution to your requirements using our powerful online configurator.


Our servers are built to grow with your organisation, whether that be by purchasing additional drives, or additional scale-out nodes.


Since the introduction of the first Broadberry PC in 1989, we’ve continually innovated and responded to emerging technologies and markets.

Since 1989, we've done things differently from the other leading server brands. Our servers include powerful, feature-rich server management via IPMI, there's no "vendor-lockin" and all customers are assigned a dedicated account manager.

Over the years, this approach has been noticed by influential industry media outlets who've cited our "extremelly-affordable, feature-rich" systems - reguarly awarding Broadberry systems their "Best Buy Available" award. It's also part of the reason the world's largest brands from BBC to Google are switching to Broadberry server and storage solutions.

CyberStore 224S WSS, PC Pro A-List Award

Best Storage Appliance

CyberStore 224S WSS

Broadberry has beaten the blue chips, delivering a powerful hardware package at a very reasonable price.

Configure From: £5,003


CyberServe Xeon SP1-208S, PC Pro A-List Award

Best Rack Server

CyberServe Xeon SP1-208S

A highly affordable single-socket Xeon Scalable rack server that doesn't try to gouge you on the storage

Configure From: £2,303


CyberServe Xeon SP2-R2224, IT Pro Product of the Year Award

Product of The Year

CyberServe Xeon SP2-R2224

Broadberry’s powerful Xeon Scalable rack server has tons of features for the price and some novel storage options

Configure From: £3,143


Broadberry Celebrating Over 30 Years.

Engineer performing test.Our Rigorous Testing

Before leaving our UK workshop, all Broadberry server and storage solutions undergo a rigorous 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high-quality industry leading components ensures all of our server and storage solutions meet the strictest quality guidelines demanded from us.

Broadberry professional.Un-Equaled Flexibility

Our main objective is to offer great value, high-quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer un-equaled flexibility in designing custom server and storage solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Trusted by the World's Biggest Brands

We have established ourselves as one of the biggest storage providers in the UK, and since 1989 supplied our server and storage solutions to the world's biggest brands. Our customers include:

NASA, BBC, ITV, SONY, SKY, Disney, Google logos.