Broadberry Support

If you require support please click the relevant section below, or call our support department on 020 8997 6000


Step 1

Have the serial number of the system in question ready.


Step 3

Describe the trouble you are having so that our engineer can best diagnose the problem.

To help us better serve you please have the following information and materials ready when you call:

  • The invoice and/or serial number of the system(s) exhibiting a problem.
  • The version of the operating system you are currently using.
  • The names and models of any peripheral devices you are using.
  • The names and model numbers of any components you have added to the system since the original invoice.
  • Please be prepared to tell the technician the type of error message you are getting and when it occurs, what you were doing with the System when the error occurred, and what steps you may have already taken to solve the problem.

Please cooperate with the Broadberry technician to solve your problem. We find that most system problems and errors can be corrected over the telephone with close cooperation between you the user and our technician.

A service technician will be dispatched to perform on-site repairs once the phone-based troubleshooting process outlined above has been followed. This will ensure the right replacement part is at the site to coordinate with the technicians visit.

Hot Swappable Hard Drives:

Removable Hard drives can easily be replaced in a matter of minutes by someone with little or no technical knowledge. A Broadberry technician will talk you through replacing any faulty hot swappable Hard Drive if assistance is required.
If the Server is fitted with hot swappable Hard Drives a replacement Drive/s will be dispatched to your location (the faulty Drive/s can then be collected).
Hot Swappable Hard Drive/s failure in that case will not initiate an on-site call out.

Redundant Power Supply Modules:

The same applies to Redundant Power Supply modules.

Battery Backup Unit (for RAID Cards)

Please note BBU’s only carry 12 months manufacturer’s warranty we cannot therefore offer any more than 12 months warranty from the date of delivery regardless of what level of cover you take out on the unit. Manufacturers now advise that you replace any BBU annually.

Out of Warranty Callouts

Arranging for a Broadberry technician to visit your site and repair a machine outside of warranty is possible in most cases. Please call the Service Department quoting the serial number of the machine in question and the nature of the problem to obtain a quotation.

Renewing Warranty

Replacing out of warranty components is expensive.

Renewal options are available on most Broadberry solutions which are no longer covered by our warranty or more importantly the individual component manufacturer's warranty (generally three years). If your Broadberry solution is over three years old please contact the Service Department stating the Serial number of the machine in question to discus the options available to you.

Online RMA System

Returning Defective Parts:

Keep a copy of your RMA number you can use it to check your RMA status online.

A corresponding invoice will be raised for the value of the replacement part and sent to your location if the defective product is not returned within 14 days.

The corresponding invoice will only be credited once we receive the undamaged defective component.

Once you have received your replacement carefully package the defective component in suitable packaging (Use Anti-static packaging where necessary).

Write the RMA number on the outside of the packaging or use the delivery note the RMA system will generate.

Send the defective hardware back to us.

Market GPU Shortages

Early last year, Chinese GPU manufacturing was limited due to the coronavirus outbreak; later, shipping delays hit the electronics market. Lockdown created a surge in demand from the gaming market and the price of Bitcoin made "mining" using GPUs lucrative which essentially used up any slack in worldwide stock.

Added to that, automated bots were busy buying up cards for certain re-sellers leading to massively inflated prices.

The two main graphics card makers - Nvidia and AMD essentially can't make product fast enough.

"Gaming demand is off the charts," Nvidia's chief financial officer said during CES. "Our overall capacity has not been able to keep up" going on to warn that “supply will likely remain lean for some time."

It's a similar story from AMD the boss of whom recently stated “shortages are the result of demand rather than any manufacturing issue. It will take time to catch up… there will be tightness throughout much of the year".

We are trying to add stock as and when we find it available but replacing stock returned to us through our RMA system will likely become as issue in some instances. If it is the case that your GPU can’t be replaced because none are available we’ll notify you as soon as we can and work with the manufacturer/supplier to find a solution.

What Happens Next?

In the event of defective hardware being diagnosed as the cause, a replacement part can be sent subject to availability. If you need to return the defective part please look at the 'Returns' section.

Customers who have Onsite warranty can expect the technician to begin the process of initiating an Onsite call out at this stage.

Customers with standard warranty may be required to return their system to us for better diagnosis and repair. As with component parts complete a online RMA on our website.

Important Points to Note:

  • We are not responsible for damage incurred during carriage to us

    To reduce the chances of this happening pack whatever it is carefully. If however damage does occur we agree to notify you and provide photographic evidence within 48 hours but you must contact your carrier and proceed to claim for your losses.

  • Software Backup

    It is necessary that a back up of the software and data on your system's hard disk drive/s and on any other storage device(s) in the system be done before we provide services to you. You understand and agree that we are not responsible for any loss of software or data.

  • Defective items must be returned within 30 days.

    We must return defective components that have been replaced to the respective manufacturers within this period otherwise the warranty is void therefore the replacement chargeable. If you fail to return a defective part that has been replaced within 30 days this cost will be passed on to you.

  • Remove Slide Rails

    If your server is fitted with slide rails, please remove them before sending it to us as the thin material is prone to damage in transit.

  • Defective Hard Disk Drives and Sensitive Data

    Customers concerned about sensitive Data remaining on hard disk drives that are returned to us through the RMA process can be assured each drive is returned directly to the respective manufacturer whereupon it is sanitised and re-written as a matter of process.

    If this is unsatisfactory, you can request that we send a Certificate of disk destruction which you will need to sign stating that you intend to destroy and dispose of it yourself.

    We will still require you to return the face plate of the Drive/s with the signed certificate otherwise a corresponding invoice will be raised against replacement products.


Refunds are generally not given due to the nature of our products (custom built). Please contact [email protected] to find out more.

Please Check Delivery Manifest

Please double check the amount of packages being delivered matches the delivery drivers manifest then physically check the packages and packaging.

If you notice anything unusual about the packaging or that something is missing report it to the delivery Driver and insist a note is made of it when signing for it/them.

Please report any damage or missing parts to us immediately (provide photographic evidence wherever possible). We must report damage to our carrier within 48 hours of delivery in order to comply with transit insurance. Items reported damaged outside this period can not be repaired or replaced under warranty.

Missing parts: Please report any missing items from your consignment within 48 hours. Broadberry will not bare the cost of replacing missing items reported outside this period of time.