Liquid Cooled Workstations / Servers

GPU-Accelerated Liquid Cooled Workstation/Rackmount Server, Powered by Intel or AMD Processors, A cost-effective solution that offers excellent performance and scalability for AI inference tasks.

Hyper Performance Multi-GPU solutions designed for the most advanced and resource-intensive computational tasks. This cutting-edge system provides exceptional processing power and efficiency, making it ideal for complex applications such as deep learning, scientific simulations, and high-end graphics rendering.

  • Liquid cooling capacity up to 4kW
  • Supports up to 7x GPU cards
  • 20% faster than similar air-cooled solutions

CyberServe Ryzen RY1-401C-GPU Liquid Cooled

4U/Tower Liquid Cooled Workstation/Server, Ideal for AI, Deep Learning and Rendering, Single AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro Series processor, Supports up to 6x GPUs, 1TB of RAM & 2TB SSD.

Form Factor:
Drive Interface:
Server Processor:
AMD Ryzen Series
Redundant Power Supply - Standard, Short Depth, Liquid Cooled Workstation /
Max RAM Capacity:
Configure From: £21,368
CyberServe Xeon SP1-401C-GPU Liquid Cooled

4U/Tower Liquid Cooled Workstation/Server, Ideal for AI, Deep Learning and Rendering, Single Intel Xeon W Series processor, Supports up to 6x GPUs, 512GB of RAM & 2TB SSD.

Form Factor:
Drive Interface:
Server Processor:
Xeon W Processor
Redundant Power Supply - Standard, Short Depth, Liquid Cooled Workstation /
Max RAM Capacity:
Configure From: £21,748

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AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning


Design and Animation


Scientific Research and HPC


Video Production and Rendering


Introducing the Broadberry Liquid-cooled Multi-GPU Server/Workstation

  • AI Researches: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Inference
  • Content Creation: Editing, Design, Engineering, Architecture
  • Production: Video, Virtual, Rendering, Animation
  • Forensics: Password recovery
  • and many more
  • Best Multi-GPU performance for specialists, workgroups and research teams
  • Easy configurable, maintainable & scalable bleeding edge hardware!
  • Engineered for Reliable High Performance 24/7 operation in harsh environments up to 38ºC / 100ºF
Broadberry Liquid Cooled Workstations/Servers

Maximum Cooling Capacity 2 500 W Maximum cooling capacity is ensured @ 20C intake air T and "performance mode" of the cooling system
Motherboard Up to EATX & EBB
GPUs Up to 7 ; NVIDIA: 3090, 4090, RTX A6000, RTX 6000 ADA, A40, L40, L40S, A100, H100; AMD: W7800, W7900
Processors Up to 2; Intel: Core i9, Xeon-W 2400, 3400, Xeon Scalable 4th & 5th Gen; AMD: Ryzen 7000, Threadripper PRO 5000WX, 7000WX, EPYC 7003, 9004
RAM Up to 2TB
Storage Up to 2 3.5’’ HDD, Up to 6 2.5’’ SSD
Power Supply System Up to 3x SFX-L 1000W Power Capacity up to 3kW

Broadberry Water Cooled Workstation

Motherboard Up to EATX & EBB
RAM Up to 2TB
M.2 Drives Up to 8x NVMe
Internal 3.5" cage up to 2x 3.5’’ or 2x 2.5" 15mm or 4x 2.5" 7mm; Internal 2.5" slots: up to 6x 2.5’’ SSD 7mm
PSU and Operating Voltage Up to 3x 1000W SFX-L @ 110/220V
Cooling Capacity 2.5kW
Noise level 39dB - 50dB
LAN Up to 2x 10 Gbit/s on the MoBo and up to 400Gbit/s in PCIe
Operating System Ubuntu / Win10 (Pro/Home) / Windows Server
Liquid Cooling CPU with VRM and GPU with DDR and VRM
Reservoir Comino custom 450ml with integrated pumps
Pumps 2x Laing DDC 20W
Radiators 1x 120x360mm core
Fans 3x Low Noise 140mm 3000RPM (low noise level) or 3x High Flow 140mm 5000RPM (medium noise level)
Installation Desktop as a Workstation or 19" rack-mountable
Required rack space 4U
Size 439 x 681 x 177mm (without handles and protruding parts)
Weight Workstation with 4 GPUs — 45kg (net), 72kg (gross)
Operating & storage temperature range Storage: -5..50º / 23..122ºF Operating: 3..38ºC / 38..100ºF

Broadberry Liquid Cooled Workstations

Liquid Cooled Broadberry's liquid cooling system unleashes the full performance potential of high-end GPUs and CPUs, extends hardware lifespan, and ensures quiet 24/7 operation without thermal throttling, even in tough environments.

Quick-Disconnect Couplings on each GPU and CPU simplify maintenance and reduce downtime, increasing system availability.

Remote Management BMC chip to provide intelligence for IPMI architecture, enabling out-of-band management to enhance hardware control and improve IT efficiency.

Monitoring System allows offline collection of cooling system logs to analyse device usage, log failures, and monitor temperature statistics. The web-based GUI enables remote inspection of multiple devices, improving system availability.


Noise is a significant inconvenience, whether you're at work, at home, or in the office. It distracts people and makes it hard to concentrate. These workstations are three times quieter than similar air-cooled systems, providing a much more peaceful and productive environment.

Works in Warmer Environments

Computing components are becoming hotter and harder to cool with air, especially in warmer areas. Climate change isn't helping either. Efficient liquid cooling allows our workstations to run smoothly in hot climates and cuts down on the need for room cooling, saving up to 4 times the air conditioning costs!


The longer a tool lasts, the less frequently you need to spend money on replacements. Our workstations effectively cool all critical components, which significantly extends their lifespan. With these machines, you benefit from increased system longevity and gain the flexibility to better plan and manage your budget, reducing the need for frequent investments in new equipment.


We all appreciate dependable partners because they help us stay focused on our goals. These workstations, equipped with liquid cooling, are highly reliable and can easily handle high temperatures and continuous stress on computing elements.


Time is money. When it comes to calculations, greater power means more computations can be performed in less time. These workstations offer unmatched power, enabling faster and more efficient processing. This increased computational capability is the key to maximising profits and gaining a competitive edge.

Telemetry Available

Knowledge is power. Unlock it with these's systems, loaded with telemetry sensors. View the data in Grafana or your preferred visualisation software.

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Engineer performing test.Our Rigorous Testing

Before leaving our UK workshop, all Broadberry server and storage solutions undergo a rigorous 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high-quality industry leading components ensures all of our server and storage solutions meet the strictest quality guidelines demanded from us.

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Our main objective is to offer great value, high-quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer un-equaled flexibility in designing custom server and storage solutions to meet our clients' needs.

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