Test Drive H100 Tensor Core GPUs

Experience unprecedented performance, scalability and security for every data center

Experience the unprecedented boost in performance delivered by the Supermicro next generation 4U 8 GPU server with the new NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs through the Test Drive program.

The new Supermicro system delivers exponential performance gains over the current generation of systems and is optimized for AI Training, HPC, and Large Language Module workloads

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CyberServe EPYC EP2 424-4NVMe-G GPU Server Gen 4
Form Factor:
Drive Bays:
Hot-Swap Drives
Qty Drives:
Drive Interface:
SATA , 12Gb/s SAS, NVMe, M.2
Server Processor:
AMD EPYC 9004 Series
HDD Size:
2.5" Drives
Memory DIMMS:
24x 4800MHz
GPU Slots:
8x Double / Single Width GPU
Redundant Power Supply - Standard

Quick time-to-value

Turnkey solution with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA H100 integrated NVIDIA-Certified Systems for an AI-ready platform

Boost performance and efficiency

Fastest AI training on large models with H100’s Transformer Engine and highest efficiency and security with 2nd gen MIG and confidential computing.

Scale with ease

Accelerate a wide range of use cases with the flexibility to service the entire AI pipeline on one infrastructure

Enterprise ready

Streamline enterprise AI with guaranteed support, certified to run on broadly adopted enterprise platforms in the data center

Excelling in computationally intensive environments, Broadberry rackmount servers built with NVIDIA® H100 Tensor Core GPU's are the ultimate option in high speed computing, with up to a massive 20x GPUs available within a single solution.

The NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU enables an order-of-magnitude leap for large-scale AI and HPC with unprecedented performance, scalability and security for every data center.

With NVIDIA AI Enterprise for streamlined AI development and deployment, and NVIDIA NVLINK Switch System direct communication up to 256 GPUs, H100 accelerates everything from exascale workloads with a dedicated Transformer Engine for trillion parameter language models, down to right-sized Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) partitions

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