Overclocked Servers

Broadberry delivers the fastest, most powerful, enterprise-class server solutions on the market with our CyberServe range of Overclocked servers. Where poor reliability has previously been the unwanted bi-product of overclocking, our range of overclocked servers are able to deliver application performance improvements of up to 30% whilst maintaining reliability as the primary focus for mission critical applications.

Available in 2U, 4U and Tower options our CyberServe range of overclocked servers are purpose built for FFT, Computational Finance, EDA, HPC, Scientific and Energy Research applications.

Exclusive Features

Hardware Optimisations

  • Board-level Hyper-Speed circuitry
  • Latest VRMs for flexible tuning plus additional VRM phase for stability
  • Highest quality capacitors for reliability at extreme operating temperatures
  • Airflow optimised designs and custom heat-sinks for optimised thermal distribution

BIOS Features

  • Auto-recovery failsafe options
  • Adjust frequencies, voltages, memory latencies in BIOS
  • Remote programming of BIOS chips

Baseboard Management Controller

  • Show real time voltage and power consumption
  • System Event Log to track system status
  • IPMI command support, Remote management tool support

No Liquid Cooling

Data canter’s often aren’t keen on hosting servers which are liquid cooled for obvious reasons. Because of this Broadberry's range of overclocked servers achieve amazing performance without any liquid cooling.

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Applications of Broadberry Overclocked Servers

Servers for High Frequency Trading

Configured with ultra-low latency network cards, the Broadbery CyberServe range of overclocked servers means you'll never miss a golden opportunity again where you're high frequency trading servers haven’t been able to trade to the exchange quickly enough. Broadberry high frequency trading servers can keep your low message latency network fully engaged, earning you higher profits, cutting off potential losses sooner, and maximising your portfolios better.


Servers for Medical Research Professionals

Analyse complex protein folding sequences much faster with Broadberry's range of overclocked servers for medical research professionals. With 56GHz of processing power at your disposal our overclocked servers out-perform other 16 core clusters solutions available.


Servers for Physicists & Cosmologists, Engineers, and Architects

Massive data analysis and solution rendering calculations mean you're often waiting around waiting for your results. Broadberry's powerful and reliable overclocked servers are perfect for engineers and architects who demand the ultimate processing power, so there will be no more long coffee breaks or boring walks around the office whilst you wait for processing.


Servers for Data Centers

Easily mountable into almost any rack and designed with power efficiency in mind, our range of overclocked servers can be used in data centers where processing power is required. With hot swappable drives and redundant power supplies our servers are designed for 100% uptime like your customers expect.


Servers for Cloud Services Providers

Double the number of clients you can hire a servers processing core to with our breakthrough range of overclocked servers without impacting performance. Our range of overclocked CyberServe servers offer massive performance per core meaning much more bang for your buck.


Broadberry Celebrating Over 30 Years.

Engineer performing test.Our Rigorous Testing

Before leaving our UK workshop, all Broadberry server and storage solutions undergo a rigorous 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high-quality industry leading components ensures all of our server and storage solutions meet the strictest quality guidelines demanded from us.

Broadberry professional.Un-Equaled Flexibility

Our main objective is to offer great value, high-quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer un-equaled flexibility in designing custom server and storage solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Trusted by the World's Biggest Brands

We have established ourselves as one of the biggest storage providers in the UK, and since 1989 supplied our server and storage solutions to the world's biggest brands. Our customers include:

NASA, BBC, ITV, SONY, SKY, Disney, Google logos.