AMD EPYC 7001 Processor - Single Socket Servers

Perfect Data Centre Servers, powered by single AMD EPYC 7001 series processors, this range boasts performance at a fantastic price.

Providing up to 32 cores, 8 memory channels and 128 PCIe 3.0 lanes per CPU unlocking capabilities and performance previously available only in 2-socket architectures.

AMD EPYC 7001 Processor - Single Socket Servers superseded by AMD EPYC 7003 Processor - Single Socket Servers

The AMD EPYC 7001 Processor - Single Socket Servers have been superseded by the new range of AMD EPYC 7003 Processor - Single Socket Servers. To view this new range please click below.

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Broadberry's revolutionary range of CyberServe EPYC rackmount server solutions are based on AMD EPYC processors which deliver up to 32 cores, 64 threads and 64 lanes of PCIe. This powerful range of server appliances are configurable with up to a terabyte of DDR4 RAM and 64 high performance processing cores. This range of enterprise-class servers is ideal for dealing with the demanding RAM intensive applications like database management and analytics, virtualised infrastructure and cloud environments.

Broadberry CyberServe server with AMD EPYC processor

CyberServe EPYC® Servers are Ideal for:

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Due to the impressive power they deliver, our CyberServe EPYC range of server solutions are perfect for super high-intensity applications, including:

  • Database Management and Analytics
  • Private/Hybrid Cloud Environments
  • Virtualised Infrastructure
  • Clustering Server
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The Broadberry CyberServe EPYC range features blistering levels of performance and efficiency. Maximising performance and minimising cost, these systems bring the perfect balance to your data centre. Based on arguably the best cost-effective processor available on the market, you will enjoy the best balance of resources drives with rightsized compute for all workloads.

If you are looking for a super powerful system that will greatly boost the overall performance of your data centre while also contributing to decreasing overall costs, this is the ideal server appliance for you.


As this range is based on the latest AMD EPYC processors, the solutions in this range enjoy the advantages that come with that. AMD EPYC processors feature an embedded security processor, meaning full memory encryption without the need for any changes to your applications.

AMD EPYC support three main categories of security features.

With AMD Secure Root-of-Trust technology you can ensure protection from rootkits/bootkits that can insert malicious code prior to an OS loading. Via the creation of a hardware root of trust, only known and trusted software will be allowed to load and run. This protection extends from the initial boot load through the BIOS load.

AMD Secure Run Technology protects the system from being exposed to methods of attack like memory scraping and cold boot attack that can be implemented if data running in the main system memory is failed to be encrypted. With SME (Secure Memory Encryption) the system memory is encrypted and with SEV (Secure Encrypted Virtualisation) the hypervisor and guest virtual machines are isolated to prevent access to data in shared guest data areas.

Migrating VMs whether simply within the data centre, to off-premises private cloud or to the public cloud can be very insecure. With AMD Secure Move Technology servers will be able to establish a secure channel between them as well as send memory encryption keys to the remote platform.

Higher Performance

This range of AMD EPYC based rackmount servers will allow your business to enjoy remarkably high levels of performance. The AMD EPYC processor family is an excellent option for HPC and has been built to promote balancing the ratio of cores, memory and I/O bandwidth. Featuring enhanced core density, these solutions are able to provide hugely parallel performance by utilising its supported 8 to 32 cores per socket.

Striking the ideal balance of cores/threads, security, I/O bandwidth and memory to provide the amazingly fast performance for many HPC workloads. Broadberry servers powered by EPYC processors deliver a superb solution for even the most demanding of HPC applications.

At A Glance:
  • System-on-chip design
  • Up to 32 AMD Zen cores
  • Up to 16 DIMMS (2TB) of memory per socket
  • 8 memory channels for higher bandwidth
  • 128 lanes of PCIe bandwidth
  • Server controller hub
  • Dedicated, embedded security processor featuring secure boot and full memory encryption through on-chip memory controllers
CPU Model Latest Range
AMD EPYC Gen 1 Series
Sockets 2
Total Cores 64
Total Memory Channels 16
Total Populated Memory (16GB DIMMS) 256
Memory Frequency 2400
Total PCIe gen3 lanes to CPUs 8 X 16 = 128

Broadberry servers powered by the latest AMD EPYC 7002 series processors offer superb performance, airtight security and are highly scalable. With up to 64 cores, these processors are the perfect choice for any business that prioritises high performance. Configure yours here.

AMD EPYC Gen 1 Features

World Records

The unbelievable performance of the AMD EPYC x86 SoC has set new performance world records on SPEC CPU floating point bench marks, completely revolutionising standards for 2-socket multithreaded floating-point performance.

The ground-breaking AMD EPYC x86 SoC is the very first dedicated security processor embedded in an x86 architecture server SoC. It also features the highest core count in an x86 architecture server processor, the largest memory, the most memory bandwidth as well as the greatest I/O density.

Zen Architecture

The processors powering the CyberServe range of AMD EPYC dedicated servers is built on the Zen architecture. This architecture is designed to increase the systems efficiency and performance in high-intensity situations.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our CyberServe solutions are very flexible and very scalable, adeptly adapting to the changing situations in your data centre as time goes on and maintaining high levels of efficiency and performance as your business demands continue to evolve.

CyberServe server with AMD EPYC logo

Why Choose Broadberry?

Through almost 3 decades of hard work, consistency and reliability, we have established ourselves as one of the world’s top providers of server technology. We are proud to have delivered storage technology to some of the planets largest organisations including the likes of the BBC, Sky, Virgin, Toshiba, Toyota, The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, SONY, Disney, NASA and more.

We aim to provide the highest quality solutions for the very best prices. Unlike many of the brands in this industry we never take advantage of customers by charging sky high rates for our solutions. Our objective is to be the best of both worlds, providing products that meet the highest standards of excellence while also providing you with impressively low prices.

Broadberry Celebrating Over 30 Years.

Engineer performing test.Our Rigorous Testing

Before leaving our UK workshop, all Broadberry server and storage solutions undergo a rigorous 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high-quality industry leading components we use ensure all of our server and storage solutions meet the strictest quality guidelines demanded from us.

Broadberry professional.Un-Equaled Flexibility

Our main objective is to offer great value, high-quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer un-equaled flexibility in designing custom server and storage solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Trusted by the World's Biggest Brands

We have established ourselves as one of the biggest storage providers in the UK, and since 1989 supplied our server and storage solutions to the world's biggest brands. Our customers include:

NASA, BBC, ITV, SONY, SKY, Disney, Google logos.