PC PRO have just released their practical buying guide "The Network" June 2018 which compares "the four big names - Broadberry Data Systems, Dell EMC, Fujitsu and Lenovo".

Within the article offering strategic advice for IT managers and decision makers, PC Pro highlighted how "Broadberry provides server remote control as a standard feature", where as Dell EMC, Fujitsu and Lenovo all charged extra. Here at Broadberry we feel that powerful, feature-rich remote control is a necessity for businesses of all sizes, and have revolutionised the market place by offering this free with our servers.

Another key difference between ourselves and the likes of Dell, Lenovo etc are that we allow customers to install their own sourced drives in order to avoid "vendor lockin", where companies such as DELL and HPE only allow customers to install their own brand drives at highly-inflated prices - even though they are the exact same drives as can be found in Broadberry's server and storage solutions! The article picked up on this when they state:

"Be aware that some blue-chip server providers will require you to buy their recommended disks, at a price that may not be competitive - or risk invalidating your warranty. Independent vendors such as Broadberry Data Systems, by contrast, expressly allow you to install your own hard disks."

PC PRO, The Network Business Focus June 2018

Configure your server today and find out why so many organisations from the world largest universities, to NASA, the CERN project and thousands of SMBs are movign away from the tier 1 server vendors to Broadberry Data Systems.

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